A healthier business relationship   

Our imperative is to make sure your team are properly trained and that anything that prevents them from working effectively is resolved quickly. We provide a comprehensive training and support service to achieve this.

Avoid future capital spending on IT

We will agree the level of your upfront investment and a payment schedule that works for both of us.

You will recover your upfront investment within 12 months of going live through efficiency savings.

Factors that will influence the investment will be (a) the number of users (b) the number of offices and (c) the number of standalone modules that your Team will use. Each module will require tailoring to meet your requirements and relevant Team members who use it will need to be trained.

"As users of Instant Office for around fourteen years, we have found it to be easy to use and a very valuable means of managing client files. It is most helpful for me to have all information and documents readily available on my desktop. The task list provides a streamlined way of checking outgoing correspondence and documents without unnecessary printing. The search facilities are a great help as is the ability to tailor the styles bank to our won firm's requirements."

Fiona Gaddes, MLRO, JD Clark & Allan


We are particularly pleased to be an approved supplier with the Law Society of Scotland